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Face soap

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Face soap

How to choose the right face soap?


The perfect cleaner for you should be chosen based on three factors: skin type, skin problem and budget.


There are three types of skin: oily, dry and combination. In this other article We explain to you, according to a dermatologist, how to know which one is yours.


The first thing you should do is wash your face with mild soap in the morning, put on a light moisturizer, do not put on makeup, and check your condition after 6 hours.


Then, you are going to lightly touch your face and the touch will tell you what type of skin you have.


Fat: when touched, it leaves a residue on the finger, a little bit of fat. In the most intense cases, even with makeup, the skin begins to glow at noon.


Dry – Looks red and feels flaky to the touch.


Mixed: one part of your face feels oily and the other dry. The most common is that the cheeks are dry and the T zone is oily.


Regarding the problems, it may be that your skin is sensible, that is, it is easily irritated and damaged; there is oily, dry and combination skin sensitive or not sensitive.


Additionally, you may experience some other condition such as rosacea or acne. For an accurate diagnosis, it is best to go to a dermatologist.


If your skin does not experience any particular conditions, let’s move on to the budget topic.


More and more brands with affordable options. The price of this type of product is based on the brand, technology, if it is dermoscometic or dermatological, Inter alia.


The price of a facial soap or a recommended facial cleanser starts at 110 pesos and can reach thousands of pesos. In this other article you will find options of complete skincare routines for less than 600 pesos.


I chose the best soaps, according to reviews and the opinion of dermatologist Anahí Castañeda.


Face soap: oily skin


For this type of skin, the best are cleansing gels or some soaps that are focused on balancing the PH of the skin and, therefore, controlling oil.


NIVEA balancing facial cleansing gel – $ 82 pesos (for non-sensitive oily skin)


CeraVe Foaming Cleanser for normal and oily skin – $ 275 pesos (sensitive fat)


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Face Wash Cleanser – $ 280 pesos (sensitive or non-sensitive fat)


Face soap: combination skin


This type of skin requires oil control but also special moisturizing in certain areas. It is important that the skin does not feel tight and that the forehead does not shine.


Cetraphil Gentle Cleansing Foam – $ 244


Foaming Cleanser de CeraVe – $275


Sensibio Bioderma Foaming Gel – $ 268 (normal skin or sensitive mixta)


Face soap: dry skin


These are delicate skins, which if not taken care of, flakes and cracks, feels tight, and changes in temperature with changes in temperature.


CeraVe Hydatring Cleanser – $ 205 pesos (dry non-sensitive)


Oatmeal Trixera Nutrition – $ 427 pesos (sensitive dry)


Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser de La Roche-Posay – $409 (seca sensible)




In general, it is best to wash your face only once a day, at night, before sleeping.